Operational Services Available

X/Drill has the assets and the experienced, seasoned professionals to meet the demanding needs of both the Drilling industry and our clients alike. X-Drill and the X-Drill professionals incorporate Safety and risk mitigation into every part of our business. X-Drill is your preferred partner for a Safe, efficient and Cost effective operation.

  • Provide all types of Drilling Rigs and associated Vessels
  • Provide Experienced and motivated Crew (Local / Expat)
  • Provide Management Services for the Drilling Industry
  • Set up and provide Training Programs
  • Set up and provide Competency assessment and Tracking Programs
  • Provide E-Learning Programs for all Job Positions / For Competency
  • Set up and provide Warehouse / Stores tracking systems
  • Set up and provide Purchasing System
  • Set up and provide Vessel Equipment Maintenance Systems
  • Set up and provide Document Control Systems
  • Set up and Provide Accounting Budgeting and Tracking System
  • Set up and provide Operations Reporting Systems
  • Set up and provide full Human Resources Systems
  • Set up and provide Payroll Systems
  • Provide oversight with Electronic monitoring and Tracking systems for ALL above systems.