Core Values


Every employee, manager, officer and board member is responsible for X-Drill and its associated companies achieving the highest levels of business conduct. All X-Drill employees, managers and officers are accountable for acting in line with the X-Drill’s policies and standards as outlined in the Quality Management System.

Consultants, contractors and partners working with or for X-Drill will be Trained and informed of relevant policies and standards within the Quality Management System applicable to their work and of the requirement that they act in accordance with these policies and standards and the X-Drill Core Values

Managers are held accountable for X-Drill’s policies and standards being followed. Proper business conduct is in our long-term interests creating loyalty and trust in employees, customers, other stakeholders and communities with which we operate.

  • X-Drill is a SERVICE company
SAFETY The Safety and health of X-Drill employees, clients and all others involved in our operations is our greatest concern and responsibility. This is closely followed by the care and protection of the environment, X-Drill and client assets.
ETHICS X-Drill will conduct its business professionally and with the highest order of ethics. This will manifest a high confidence level from both employees and clients.
RESULT Continuous improvement of X-Drill’s operations is the key for X-Drill to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market. We will stay committed to deliver innovative fit for purpose solutions to our client’s challenges.
VISION Every decision made at X-Drill will be made to ensure long term growth of our X-Drill employees and our clients.
INSPIRATION X-Drill is founded on the fundamental ideal that proper motivation, enthusiasm and a sound management philosophy will create a successful operational environment at X-Drill.
COMMITMENT This is X-Drill’s trait of sincere and steadfast certainty of purpose.
EXCELLENCE (By Choice) Every job is a self-portrait of the person or team that did it. The quest for excellence reflects X-Drill’s desire to be greater today than we were yesterday.