Environmental Policy

X-DRILL is committed to protecting the environment and all X-DRILL operations will be conducted responsibly and in compliance with MARPOL, flag state and local regulations, laws and provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets. X-DRILL strives to minimize the environmental impact of all its operations.

In order to fulfill this goal, X-DRILL will:

  • Train all personnel in environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Train employees to conserve resources and minimize waste, with an emphasis on recycling.
  • Encourage conservation and use environmentally friendly products where practical.
  • Minimize waste production of operations.
  • Ensure that there are procedures in place to reduce the risk of accidental discharges, emissions, and spills.
  • Have in place a comprehensive emergency response plan that meets the requirements of X-DRILL and client needs as well as the governing coastal laws and regulations.
  • Monitor the operations to identify areas of improvement with respect to the environment.
  • Ensure all personnel involved in operations have accountability for environmental protection.

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