Stop The Job Policy

All personnel, not only X-DRILL employees, have an obligation to exercise their authority to STOP THE JOB in the event of a(n):

  • Real or perceived hazard that was not identified and mitigated during the initial risk assessment.
  • Unplanned step-change in the midst of a task procedure.
  • Change in team members involved in the execution of the task procedure.
  • Team member(s) who make the decision they are not prepared to participate due to lack of understanding the procedure in general or their part specifically, relevant training or both..

Any person who decides to employ the Stop The Job authority will immediately notify the Worksite Supervisor and explain his concern and request the job be stopped. The job will remain suspended until the matter is resolved. The Worksite Supervisor shall Stop The Job as soon as the procedure is at a safe point to do so. The safety concern will then be addressed and corrected if a hazard is determined to indeed exist. If the issue is competence or confidence, the person shall be excused from the task procedure until remedial training is provided and competence verified.

If the person who used his Stop The Job authority is not satisfied with the Worksite Supervisor’s resolution, the Person-In-Charge (PIC) shall become involved. The PIC shall investigate and resolve the safety concern to his satisfaction and communicate his rationale that the inherent risk has been managed As Low As Reasonably Practicable and Senior Management expectations. In the PIC’s opinion, once the safety concern is adequately addressed, the work shall recommence.

No work shall be pressured, coerced, or forced upon any person on an X-DRILL rig if that person or persons believe(s) the work to be unsafe.

There will be absolutely no punishment of any kind to any person who uses the Stop The Job authority.

This is my pledge to you. Work safe – BE safe.

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