The X-Drill Management Team developed and Implemented the first Drilling Industry IADC Approved COMPETENCE Program.

X-Drill has now improved the original Competence Program to set the industry Standard and can now offer our “PATH” Programed to meet our Clients “Documented Competence Assuredness” needs.
With the implementation of the X-Drill “PATH” Program, X-Drill is setting the standard in the drilling industry for personnel competency. Through demonstration of competency in every task at every level, X-Drill and our employees can ensure the safety of our workforce and the safe handling of our assets. With continuous training and evaluation, our workforce will prove to be the best in the drilling industry.

The X-Drill “PATH” Program is set up to assist employees with an approved and trained PATH mentor who will be one of the employees immediate Supervisors. The Employee with the Support and mentoring of the Path Supervisor will learn new skills on the Job and with “on the job” (OJT) training aids. The Employee will be required to demonstrate competency of these new Skill to his peers and seek their documented approval. They will also be provided In House and External training as required to meet all the new skill set requirements. Once the employee has all the documented approval of the required skill set, they are then required to take an official closed book exam set by X-Drill Management.

The exam must be passed before the employee gets accredited with the skill set.
Once the Employee has been accredited with a new skill set they must Follow the X-Drill standards and be reevaluated on a regular basis to keep the skill set accreditation.

The X-Drill TRAINING and COMPETENCE program combined with the Employee Experience, time in Service and regular performance appraisals provide an advancement PATH for our Employees, a Documented Competency Assuredness standard that provides QUALITY to X-Drill and our Clients.