X-Drill requirements for training of personnel are designed to develop safety awareness and competence, and to meet personnel needs for improvement in job performance and career path objectives, as determined by X-Drill management.

Training is one part of the process of developing employee competence. X-Drill is committed to providing relevant training to X-Drill employees, consistent with all regulatory requirements, Client requirements, company policies, standards, plans and expectations relating to training and development, hereafter referred to as the X-Drill Training Program (the “Program”).

This Program strives to ensure that all employees receive every opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that are relevant to their respective role by utilizing both internal and external training resources.

Training requirements are divided into three (3) primary levels:

  • Regulatory requirements.
  • Client requirements.
  • Company requirements.

Regulatory requirements for training of marine personnel are determined by the employee’s home country license requirements and by flag state requirements for each particular vessel.

Client requirements for training of all other personnel are determined by contractual agreements and bridging documents between X-Drill and the Client. Personnel must be trained to satisfy the requirements of the Client in each region.