Smoking & Chewing Tobacco Policy

Smoking & chewing tobacco is restricted at all X-DRILL workplaces & on board its drilling units. Smoking & the use of chewing tobacco is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

It is further emphasized that no one is permitted to smoke/chew tobacco whilst carrying out duties for X-DRILL while in our workplaces, or on board our drilling units.

This regulation applies to ALL employees, clients, subcontractors and visitors who are in X-DRILL’s workplaces or on board X-DRILL’s units.

Management is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

The PIC/OIM/Rig Superintendent of each X-DRILL vessel or facility will designate a safe area for the purpose of smoking/chewing tobacco.

Such an area must:

  • Be outside all buildings or accommodation areas. If it is not practical to locate all smoking/chewing tobacco areas outside of buildings and accommodations, the smoking area must include a dedicated ventilation system.
  • Be located such that it does not pose an inconvenience to those not using it.
  • Not pose a threat, when in use, to the safety of present or future operations.
  • Comply with all local regulations.

*Smoking/chewing tobacco is not allowed in any other area.

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